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TI DSP step-by-step

Overview This page contains a brief introduction to the ‘TI DSP step-by-step, C2000, C5000, and C6000’ book (published on August 2021). The book brings readers up to speed with TI DSPs in the shortest possible time. If you are a student and need to learn Texas Instrument Signal Processors, this book is for you.  … read more »


  Overview This page contains the code needed to use DSP Lab hardware. Some codes are only available for teachers. For more information, refer to the DSPLab webpage.   DSPLab codes for Lab1 to Lab6(Only for teachers) To get the code contact us. We only provide the code for the teachers.   DSPLab codes for… read more »

ImagePro 6678

The ImagePro 6678 is designed for image processing applications. The ImagePro 6678 uses TMS320C6678, which is one of the most powerful TI multi-core digital signal processors. This board has input and output ports for analog and digital image signals and can do real-time image processing with a powerful 8-core DSP. The DSP can also do… read more »


The F28M35H52 family, known as Concerto, is a dual-core (ARM+DSP) processor suitable for safety-sensitive applications. The ARM processor supports Ethernet, USB OTG, CAN, UART, SSI, I2C, and an external GPIO. The DSP is the industry-leading 32-bit C28x floating-point CPU with ePWM and encoder. A high-speed analog-to-digital converter is shared between the two cores.For sensitive control… read more »